How to host the perfect dinner party (with a little help from the Family Hub)

When it comes to home entertaining, the stakes have never been higher. In these days of reality TV cooking shows, celebrity chef cookbooks and a ceaseless deluge of perfect Insta #homecooking posts from worldwide kitchen warriors, who feels game enough to host a dinner party? I break out in a sweat just thinking about it.

You can’t blame anyone for cheating. I know people who’ve hidden chef friends in the kitchen, used pre-cooked this and that, and even ordered takeaway and disguised it (OK, these people were all me).

A catering company is another option. Or you could just ask your fridge for some help – if it’s a Samsung Family Hub, of course.

This clever piece of kitchen kit, with Wi-Fi connectivity* and a portfolio of great apps, can mastermind your dinner party from the earliest stages of preparation to the part when you politely hint that it’s time for your guests to go home. Here’s how:

Pick your dishes

First, you need some killer recipes, and the Family Hub has thousands. Just open up the Recipe App and get suggestions based on ingredients in the fridge or order what you need via the Woolworths* app. If you’re up for the challenge The Club des Chefs App lets you find recipes by 3 star Michelin chefs*– get ready to wow your dinner party guests.

*Apps and services require an internet connection and are subject to change without notice.

Get prepped

If time is not your friend, you can use the fridge’s app to order the recipe’s ingredients list direct from Woolworths* and can even have it delivered to your door. Although your friend the Family Hub can’t physically accompany you to the supermarket (that would just look weird), help from your shiny chef’s assistant is just a button-press away. If the pressure gets too much and you find yourself losing all recollection of what ingredients you already have in stock back home, all you need to do is use your compatible smartphone* to view the Family Hub’s interior live, via its three built-in cameras.

The built-in cams are also a handy solution to those everyday memory fails that leave you without enough eggs, butter, milk, pinot gris … get the picture? Well, you really can, in full colour, be updated when the fridge door closes. You’re welcome, says the Family Hub.

*Compatible with phones with Android 4.0 and higher or iOS 7.0 and higher. Requires internet connection and download of Smart Home App. Data usage fees may apply.

The cooking

Here’s where things can go quickly awry. The pressure’s on, the clock’s ticking and it’s time to don the lucky apron and make magic happen. The Family Hub’s 21.5-inch door touchscreen can display your recipe prominently, so there’s no need to fumble around with greasy crumpled paper instructions or try to prop your phone precariously on the bench.

While you’re chopping, dicing and mixing, the Family Hub can take care of incoming communication from the rest of your clan. They can send messages direct to the fridge and you’ll see them on the screen without having to stop what you’re doing. Luckily for you, the fridge has up to six different tailored profiles and avatars, so there’s no confusion on who is demanding your attention, or at least, trying to. With interference managed so deftly, you’re free to concentrate on the job. And if you mess up, the Family Hub won’t yell at you, Gordon Ramsay style.

The beverages

If you have friends like mine, you’ll need to find some serious extra space to store and chill their liquid refreshments for the evening. Worry not; the Family Hub’s at your service with its flexible fourth door freezer available on the SRF671BFH2 model*. This bonus space can convert to a refrigerator when you need to boost capacity. Someone brought a magnum of sparkling? Wonderful! Slide it into that chamber of secrets, and I’ll see you later. 

The tunes

No dinner party is complete without the right playlist, and the Family Hub has you covered. With Spotify on board, the fridge can be your DJ for the night. Or you can use Bluetooth to stream from your compatible smartphone to the fridge’s built-in speakers. Chilled-out, up-tempo, a spot of after-dinner jazz… sorted. Then comes the time for those well-fed folks to hit the road so you can put your feet up and toast your hosting skills with the last of the tawny port. A subtle press of a button on your phone can switch the Family Hub’s soundtrack to something that says: ‘leave.’ I recommend Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman warbling Time to Say Goodbye or that classic 90’s hit by Semisonic, Closing Time. Never fails.*

The evidence

If everything goes as smoothly as I’m expecting it will, you’ll want to share. Once you’ve Instagramed the whole delicious affair, don’t forget to stream the pics to the Family Hub’s screen so they can greet you with inspiration when you’re in the kitchen planning the next culinary extravaganza.*

*Internet connection required and data charges apply.

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