Five must-have features for your new washer
Samsung washing machine

Before you buy, make sure that the washing machine you’ve been checking out boasts these five formidable features.

1. It loves a heavy load

The latest, greatest washing machines can tackle mountains of laundry in one hit, saving on multiple washes and easing the cleaning burden for a large household. You can wash the entire family’s bed linen in a XXL machine like Samsung’s 16kg Front Loader, which can tackle about 81 pieces of clothing, or more than 10 towels, or multiple school uniforms. Washing doonas or other bulky, heavy items is easy even if you opt for a slightly smaller load from Samsung’s XL range, such as Samsung’s Activ DualWash 13kg Top Loader. Big can mean better, as fewer loads per week use less water.

2. It multitasks

The new generation of Samsung washers boasts mighty multitasking powers. A dropped sock or a sudden spill once the wash cycle’s already begun is a headache no longer for front loader owners, thanks to Samsung’s Add Wash® feature, which can allow you to add forgotten items into a front loader’s wash during the cycle*. Thanks to the handy AddDoor, you can pop the latecomers in without waiting for the machine to drain. The multifunction Washer/Dryer Combo range also has models capable of washing up to 16kg, with the added versatility of an integrated dryer – perfect for homes where space is at a premium. Another space-saving hero, the Samsung Activ DualWashTM top loader range has a built-in sink with a water jet controlled by the push of a button, so you can hand-wash delicate items or target stains before tipping them straight into the main machine to complete the job. No more dripping across the floor from your sink.

And for true multi-tasking, you can now get both a Front Loader and Top Loader in one machine.  The Samsung FlexWash® washes multiple loads, all-in one machine! Lights and darks, bigs and smalls, delicates and everyday items – hurrah!

3. It delivers the ultimate clean

Washing power and caring for your clothes are now entirely compatible thanks to cutting edge technology. Samsung’s Diamond Drum has small holes located deep within each diamond-shaped depression to help prevent damage to fabrics from catching on the metal. Another amazing innovation is Samsung’s BubbleWash™, a feature that is designed to pre-mix detergent, water and air in a separate “bubble generator” before meeting your clothes. And Samsung BubbleSoak™ is an optional pre wash treatment which soaks clothes in the bubbles before the wash starts.

Samsung washing machine

4. It communicates with you

Smart technology enables household appliances to think for themselves, and the best can even talk to you. With Samsung’s Smart Wi-Fi Control feature, your washing machine can keep you updated on its progress via an app on your compatible smartphone device.**

5. It’s a problem solver

How about a washing machine that’s smart enough to spot potential problems and find solutions? Samsung’s Smart Check feature helps to detect and diagnose errors early, and provides troubleshooting solutions through the use of a compatible Samsung smartphone with camera scanning.^ It’s probably the closest a washing machine can come to fixing itself. And with Samsung’s VRT Plus, digital sensors inside the washing machine allow the motor to help compensate for a clothing imbalance by adjusting spin speed, helping to improve the stability of the washer.

 * Add door can be opened at any time if the temperature inside the drum is below 50℃ and the drum has stopped spinning.

** App must be downloaded separately. Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.


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