The fastest, safest way to back-up your data this summer

Summer holidays: It’s the season we wait for all year, with Christmas parties the first in a long list of social events on our ever-filling calendars. And talk about photography – phew! It doesn’t take long to fill an SD card with all those memorable end-of-year moments, especially on New Year’s Eve. With smartphones providing so much versatility in terms of getting the pictures you want, whenever you want, and as many of them as you want, it’s no wonder we’re constantly running out of storage memory.

The holidays are also a perfect, low-stress time to get some digital housekeeping done, and start organising all your wonderful photos into albums. Social media can be a fun way to share your favourite pictures, but it’s not very practical in terms of searchability. More importantly, it’s not a reliable way to store or review images. In 2017 a survey commissioned by Samsung found that about 60 per cent of Australians had lost data because they didn’t back it up. Not only that, but 56 per cent of the 1000 Australians surveyed did not perform a monthly data back-up.

And the types of files most commonly lost? Images accounted for 42 per cent of data lost, while media files accounted for 34 per cent. That’s why backing-up your personal data is essential, and for that you need a hard drive with fast data transfer speeds to ensure you don’t waste a second of your precious spare time.

Enter the Samsung SSD T5 external hard drive. This lightweight, portable solid-state drive (PSSD) has a range of features to meet the heavy data-use demands of a modern lifestyle. Slow data transfer is tedious and time-wasting, so speed is of the essence: this is why the T5 has been designed to deliver blistering data transfer speeds. The unit is capable of transferring a gigabyte of data every two seconds, which means an entire terabyte could be copied over in a little over half an hour.

The T5 is available with storage capacities of 250 gigabytes ranging up to two terabytes, but what’s really impressive (aside from the data speed) is the T5’s tiny size. Weighing only 51 grams, the T5 is no larger than a credit card, and at little more than a centimetre thick it is perfectly pocket-sized for taking to a friend’s house, or storing somewhere safely in at home.

The T5 is compatible with a range of different devices, including PC, Mac, and various other TVs and displays, and the polished aluminium exterior casing comes in two stylish colours: Deep Black for the one and two terabyte models, and Alluring Blue for the 250 or 500 gigabyte units.

Because the solid-state drive has no moving parts, it is surprisingly durable, and can sustain a certain level of impact without damage. Research and development by Samsung showed that the T5 could handle an accidental drop from two metres off the ground. To back that up, Samsung issued a three-year warranty on all T5 devices, meaning you can rest assured that a dropped hard drive accident won’t result in personal data loss, which can be an extremely distressing event.

So there’s no better way to keep up with the all the fun of summer, and keep your images and media files in good order, without having to sit around for hours waiting for data to transfer sluggishly from phone, to computer, to hard drive. The built-in USB 3.1 connectivity of the T5 makes short work of huge folders and larger-sized image files. When it comes to transferring your favourite movies and TV shows for lazy summer days after a hectic New Year’s Eve party, there’s no better way to travel.

With easy pocket-sized dimensions, durability, and super-fast data transfer, the T5 is reliable enough to use as a working hard-drive, for travel between home and the office, or even overseas where your special holiday photos can be incredibly vulnerable to hard drive damage. With that kind of reliability, you know you can trust the T5 to take good care of your most precious moments.

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