Five top sound bar tips

For those who prefer their lounge room beats massive, the speakers in most average flat screen TVs can leave much to be desired. With space at a premium in many households, a sound bar can provide the perfect solution for quality sound in a minimalist package. To help with your retail research mission, here are five important points to consider when choosing your new sound system.

1) Right fit

Even before opening an online catalogue, measure your television and decide on the size of sound bar you require. Does it fit within the dimensions of the TV for mounting directly on the screen? Or perhaps you want a wider unit for mounting on a wall bracket above or below the screen? Use a tape measure to be sure about the size of unit that will work in the available space, and also make a decision about whether it should sit on a TV stand, or mount to the wall, or mount to the TV itself.

2) Keep those cables under control

The sound bar is a triumph of minimalist design, and as such it should deliver a clean, elegant look by eliminating the typical clutter of sound system cables. Ensure the unit you purchase has full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to enable streaming directly from phone or tablet.

3) Addicted to bass

Let’s face it: many of us want heavy, thumping bass, and sound quality is the name of the game here so make sure your new sound bar can deliver the expected goods. Some sound bars have self-contained subwoofers, while others use an externally powered unit. It’s worth deciding early on whether you want the “one body” experience, or if you can handle some extra hardware around the TV in the quest for bigger sound. Samsung’s M Series sound bar range uses six built-in subwoofers to pump up the volume without sacrificing sleek, wireless design, while the Sound+ range features an external wireless subwoofer that can deliver bass tones up to a shuddering 27Hz.

4) Controls and menu options

Play with the menu controls before buying your new sound bar. Many people don’t discover they’ve bought a sluggish device until it’s already set up at home, and then it’s too late. Spend some time with a display model in-store to make sure that the menu flows smoothly and won’t become a frustration down the track. Remote controls are important too, especially if you want to brand match your TV to the sound bar to use the same remote control for both, and save on some clutter. Owners of compatible Samsung TV’susing the One Remote will be able to use the same remote to operate a Samsung sound bar, and avoid having to juggle the remotes.

5) Bells and whistles: Special features

Every sound bar comes with its own set of special features, so check which ones are right for you. Samsung’s Sound+ series offers a “Smart Sound Mode”, which takes sound effects and automatically optimises them for the specific content being played, a feature that’s the perfect match for gamers. Also available is an optional rear wireless kit available for purchase, to provide an immersive surround sound system experience. Combine that with the Multiroom App for full control of streaming around the house, and you’ll be able to enjoy the very best of what modern sound bars have to offer.

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